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I’m Alexandra of Alexandra Studios, an intentional and personable graphic and interior design studio based out of the Hudson Valley in New York. I love to work with small businesses and especially when they’re run by women.

As a young female entrepreneur myself, I am completely inspired by my peers. Working, networking, and creating community around other women who are doing incredible things spark so much inspiration and feed my soul.

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I have found that share ideas (big or small), chatting over coffee on a rainy day with a new friend over entrepreneurship life, living large, and simply talking about things we enjoy, make my creative process. These natural meetings and the back and forth of sharing ideas get my heart beating and my mind racing. By the time I get home from a great chat or coffee date, I’m ready to cozy up to my computer and make a list of ideas or continue working on a current project.

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I find listing out ideas to be much more useful than trying to visually communicate my thoughts so quickly. Once I quickly write everything down, here is where my mind opens up to think more creatively. I take an idea and run with it … Usually right into Illustrator or Photoshop (or Sketch … All the platforms). I think about what sparked the idea; where in the conversation or meeting did it come to me and what inspired it. This usually creates the starting ground for whatever it is I’m creating that is outside of business goals or mission statements — it’s about feeling and emotion.

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In creating my second brand shoot, I had visions and ideas running through my head each time I had the chance to chat and meet with the ladies who helped me with the shoot, including Stevie Rotella.I had the absolute pleasure of having 1020 Studio as the location for my second (and largest!), branding shoot. Stevie was our contact and could not have been more friendly, communicative, and flexible when booking. It was the moment in the 1020 Studio where I really felt like the vision I pieced together from each interaction and line I wrote down would come together.

I fell in love with the amount of light, the texture of the floors, and raw wood trim around the massive windows the studio provided.

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The morning of the shoot, I arrived and was immediately greeted by Stevie (who was so welcoming!). She showed me around the studio, which included complimentary water, espresso, and snacks for us to drink and eat during our booking. In the studio was a mini-fridge and sink with running water (including mugs and cups!), which made for a more intimate setting and other options/ideas for the shoot. 

In addition to the generous extras, 1020 offered plenty of great backdrops to use and lighting, if needed. The room to play and experiment and let creativity take hold was all there, right in front of us to us for hours.

It is a truly beautiful space and in a central/convenient location — just south of Pioneer Square. Thank you so much, Stevie and 1020 Studio … What we created was nothing short of magic thanks to the space you’ve shared.

Photography by Anna Peters.

Florals by Gather Design Company.

Art + Fashion Direction by Alexandra Collins of Alexandra Studios.

Models : Danielle Motif, Petra Rabson, Andrew Gambarani, and Alexandra Collins

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