Joseph Dane - Musician Branding Photography


Joseph Dane is one talented guy! This singer, songwriter and musician based in Seattle came to 1020 for some updated branding photography. He was also kind enough to share about himself with us.


I’ve been singing and performing from a very early age, because my parents were traveling missionaries. I grew up in Japan, India, and Mexico, before our family finally settled down in Oregon.

I studied computer science in college, and worked for about ten years, primarily in New York City for large companies like Adobe and S&P.

But I wasn’t happy with the corporate life. I eventually realized there was no amount of money you could pay me to be miserable.


So, about seven years ago, I dropped out and moved to Mexico to focus on music full time. I lived in Puerto Vallarta for about 4 years, where I was the lead singer of a classic rock band, sang in a gay men’s chorus, and performed solo several nights a week.

About 3 years ago, I moved to Seattle to be closer to my family and to focus more on original music.


My music shows a lot of Latin influences, for obvious reasons, but also has a bit of rock, country, and soul. I’m a romantic at heart, so I write a lot of love songs, but because I’m almost 40, I have a more realistic sense of what love is and what it isn’t. I try to avoid some of the unhealthy aspects I hear in a lot of romantic music today: the jealousy, neediness, and the desperation. I like to say I write “love songs for grown-ups”.

You can hear Joseph’s Music on Spotify and find him at

Photography by Stevie Rotella