Physical Therapy Can Help Me with What!?


A new patient walks into Flow Rehab for physical therapy. The space is warm, inviting, quiet and the opposite of a bustling gym atmosphere. There might even be a stuffed bladder sitting in between the waiting chairs which a children’s book about bedwetting.

When I meet my patients, we get down to business pretty quickly. Within the first few minutes we are chatting about their pelvis and all that goes on down there. How is peeing? What about pooping? How is your sexual health and are you able to have an orgasm? Do you have pain anywhere, and yes that means anywhere from the low back, to the head, to the genitals.


When people ask what I do, I say I am a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic health for kiddos and adults. Then next question is usually: So you treat pregnant women? Yes, I do some of that, and it’s a really fun experience, but it is a tiny sliver. I also see patients after they have a baby.

Then there is the poop stuff, and it’s one of my favorite. Constipation is a huge issue for a lot of people and there are ways physical therapy can help by looking to see how your muscles are helping or preventing you from having a good shoot to push poop out of. If your belly doesn’t move well that can be another issue we can look at. Our goal is that everyone poops like a champ, regularly and consistently.


And I’m sure you’re wondering about the sexual health component. In reality, there are a lot of muscles that help with arousal and orgasm, and they have to be able to function. AND tissues have to be able to relax to have good sexual experiences. In our high stress culture, this can be super challenging.


I love a good combination of hands on techniques and movement. I love a good yoga pose that is well aligned and embodied with good breathing. Want a good core? Yea, let’s talk about what that really means and demystify cultural norms surrounding that rabbit hole. And what about general everyday mindfulness of how we walk down the street, or how we stand (or sit) at work? Humans are a movement based species and so we get the opportunity to move better to feel better. For me that is often yoga, a little pilates, and a good walk around town. For others it’s swimming in the lakes or training for a race. Either way, movement, awareness, and a little help from some manual therapy is how I offer support.


Kate Bailey of K B Well operates at Flow in the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle, WA.