In the Studio with Sarah Jayne Jewelry


My love of jewelry was, in a way, born from my mother’s sense of practicality. From a young age, she would clip and save the buttons from worn out articles of clothing in order to re-purpose them into her own hand-sewn creations (a talent I did not inherit!). As a child myself, I was fascinated by this collection. I would spend hours arranging them into patterns and examining the intimate details of each one. My first attempts at jewelry were to make ‘necklaces’ and ‘brooches’ by sewing groupings of these beautiful embellishments onto my clothes. 


As I grew older, my love for adornment became paralleled by a love of outdoor adventure. On any given weekend or day off from school, you are likely to find me and my two boys exploring the natural beauty that is the Pacific Northwest. Combining these two passions proved challenging as I noticed a lack of jewelry designs that mesh with an active lifestyle. Thus, I was inspired to create a collection of understated, feminine jewelry, which could easily be worn with both casual and semi-formal attire. I tend towards low profile designs, opting for bezels over prongs, so jewelry won’t snag clothing and most often use diamonds or fancy colored sapphires (the next hardest stone to diamond) due to their durability. My pieces are minimalist and delicate but solidly built using only the highest quality materials. Each one thoughtfully designed to be graceful, balanced, and wearable.


Quality and durability are extremely important to my work and what I think about when making every one of my pieces. This is why I only use solid 14k and 18k gold and high quality gemstones for all of my handmade pieces. I assume they will be worn for a lifetime and want you to enjoy your jewelry and come back for more :)


Ensuring beautiful places for my kids and future generations is crucial to me and why I choose to source recycled metal from certified green refineries. When possible, I source recycled estate diamonds and all of my diamonds and gemstones are hand selected, ensuring each stone is of the highest quality and all are 100% natural conflict free mined from earth (no lab grown or irradiation processed stones).


I sincerely hope that you will find as much joy from wearing my jewelry as I derive from making it :)

You can connect with Sarah Jayne Jewelry on Instagram and browse her Etsy shop.